Teaching Experience

  • CS244 Advanced Topics in Networking, Teaching Assistant (Instructor: Prof. Nick McKeown) Winter 2013
    Advised 8 graduate student groups on course projects. Developed exam problems, and led review sections.

  • EE384E Networked Wireless Systems, Teaching Assistant (Instructor: Prof. S. Katti) Winter 2010
    Advised a class of 20 graduate students in their course projects. Assisted in curriculum development and course-website maintenance.

  • EE261 Fourier Transform & Its Applications, Teaching Assistant (Instructor: Prof. B. Osgood) Fall 2010
    Developed exam and homework problems, led review sections, and held office hours to teach an interdisciplinary class of 138 students, both undergraduates and graduates from multiple departments.

  • EE179 Introduction to Communications, Teaching Assistant (Instructor: Prof. A. Goldsmith) Winter 2011
    Led review sections, prepared homework assignments, and taught a class of 15 undergraduate students in office hours to help them grasp the concepts of lectures.

  • EE378B Inference, Estimation, and Information Processing (Instructor: Prof. A. Montanari) Spring 2013
    Assisted in the grading of homework solutions for 44 students.

Advising Experience

  • Co-advising one graduate student on PhD thesis at Princeton University 2015-Present

  • Supervised two undergraduate students on senior thesis at Princeton University 2015-16

  • Co-supervised two high-school students on a drone game design at Microsoft Research Summer 2014

  • Co-supervised graduate student Tan Zhang on summer internship at Microsoft Research Summer 2014

  • Co-supervised undergraduate student Shervin Mehryar on summer internship at University of Toronto Summer 2011