Blog posts

  • Feb 2018: Research covered by Open Fog Consortium blog Part I and Part II on Fog Computing for network of drones.

  • Dec 2017: Research covered by Marconi Society blog on Edge Computing for video analytics in smart cities

Selected Talks

  • From Cloud to Edge: Advances in Mobile AI
    NSF CPS Workshop on Unlocking the power of edge computing for cyber-physical systems, Nov 2018

  • Reinventing video streaming for distributed video analytics
    USENIX HotCloud, July 2018

  • Model Predictive Compression for Drone Video Analytics
    IEEE SECON CPC-UAV Workshop, Jun 2018

  • Machine Learning in Communications
    Guest Lecturer, EE392AA at Stanford University, Jun 2018

  • Networking for Mobile AI
    GWU, Jan 2018

  • How fog Can Enhance Public Safety through Video Analytics and Other Approaches
    Fog World Congress, Oct 2017

  • Video analytics at scale for mobile Internet-of-things platform
    UW/MSR Summer Institute, Aug 2017
    Rice University, Mar 28, 2017
    University of Houston, Mar 2017

  • Fog networking for Networked drone cameras
    University of Pennsylvania, Jan 2018
    George Washington University, Nov 2017
    Guest Lecture in ELE536, Princeton University, Apr 3, 2017

  • Data-driven approach to spectrum crunch
    IIT Delhi, Sep 2016

  • IoT toward enabling Smart Cities
    University of Southern California, Mar 2016
    Princeton Postdoc Seminar, Oct 2017
    Princeton Edge Lab, Oct 2015

  • Smart hub of Things: Edge compute and caching to enable quality user experience
    Samsung Research, May 2015

  • Limited Cooperation to enable Internet access for billions of devices
    UC Irvine, March 2015

  • Internet of Things: Dynamics, Evolution, Explosion
    IEEE Rising Stars Conference Jan 3, 2015

  • Privacy-preserving Data-aggregation for Internet-of-things in Smart Grid
    Invited Guest lecture in Stanford seminar class EE392N May 6, 2014

  • Enabling Gbps home-internet speeds on copper
    Microsoft Research, Redmond March 2013

  • Limited Cooperation in Next-generation Broadband-access Networks
    Qualcomm Research, San Diego January 2013
    Broadcom Wi-Fi, San Jose December 2012

Poster Presentations

  • Microsoft Research TechFest (March 2015)

  • Stanford-Berkeley EECS Meetup for Women (April 2013, April 2014)

  • Rising Stars in EECS at MIT Workshop (November 2012)

  • Graduate Diversity Day, Stanford University (March 2012)

  • NSF Advance New Faculty Program at Rice University (November 2011)

  • Adcom Poster Presentations, Center of Integrated Systems, Stanford University (November 2011)

  • Stanford Computer Forum Poster Presentations (October 2011)

Talk Videos