Aakanksha Chowdhery, PhD

Aakanksha Chowdhery, PhD 

Google Brain
Contact Info: achowdhery@alumni.stanford.edu

I joined Google Brain and Tensorflow recently.

I earned my MS and PhD degrees from Stanford University with Prof. John M. Cioffi and B.Tech degree from IIT Delhi with Institute Silver Medal (awarded to the top student). I worked at Microsoft Research in Mobility and Networking research group after graduation (2013-15) with Dr. Victor Bahl, Dr. R. Chandra and Dr. S. Kandula. I was an Associate Research Scholar in EDGE lab working with Prof. M. Chiang and Prof. K. Jamieson at Princeton University from 2015 to 2017.

Recent research collaborators include Prof. J. Jiang (U. Chicago), Prof. M. Levorato (UC Irvine), and Prof. B. Lall (IIT Delhi).

Research Interests: Video Analytics, Edge computing, Machine learning, Mobile systems, Communications and networking

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Jul 2018: Published tutorial blog post on Real-time Pet Detection on TensorFlow Lite
Apr 2018: Two papers accepted to workshops in HotCloud and IEEE SECON 2018. Panelist at Stanford-Berkeley Women in CS workshop.
Mar 2018: Selected participant teams for Celestini Project India 2018 to work on road safety and air pollution in India using IoT analytics.
Feb 2018: Research covered by Open Fog Consortium blog Part I and Part II on ‘‘Fog Computing for network of drones.’’

Jan 2018: Research seminar at GWU on ‘‘ Networking for mobile AI’’
Jan 2018: Research covered in an interview by Open Fog Consortium.
Jan 2018: Research seminar at UPenn
2018: Serving on National Science Foundation (NSF) proposal review panel in 2018.
Dec 2017: Research covered by Marconi Society blog on ‘‘Edge Computing for video analytics in smart cities’’
Nov 2017: Research seminar at George Washington University on ‘‘Fog networking for Networked drone cameras’’
Nov 2017: Celestini Project India ceremony at IIT Delhi
Oct 2017: Seminar at IEEE Fog World Congress 2017 on ‘‘How fog Can Enhance Public Safety through Video Analytics and Other Approaches’’
Oct 2017: Poster presentation at ACM MobiCom 2017 on ‘‘DRIZY- Collaborative Driver Assistance Over Wireless Networks’’
Aug 2017: Research seminar at UW/MSR summer school on IoT ‘‘Edge Computing for video analytics in smart cities’’
Jul 2017: Book chapter ‘‘Urban IoT Edge Analytics,’’ published in book Fog Computing in the Internet of Things, Springer, 2017.
Jun 2017: Paper presentation at IEEE ICDCS 2017 ‘‘Networked Drone Cameras for Sports Streaming’’
Jun 2017: Paper presentation at IEEE SECON 2017 ‘‘Energy-Delay tradeoff for an Edge-Assisted Mobile Video Acquisition and Processing System’’
Mar 2017: Research seminar at Rice university on ‘‘Video analytics at scale for mobile Internet-of-things platform’’
Oct 2016: HotWireless talk at ACM MobiCom 2016 on ‘‘SkyEyes: adaptive video streaming from UAVs’’
Oct 2016: Paper presentation at ACM SoCC 2016 ‘‘Optasia: A Relational Platform for Efficient Large-Scale Video Analytics’’
Mar 2016: Research discussion in US-Europe Invited Workshop on Next-Generation IoT at USC on ‘‘Edge computing for video analytics in smart cities’’
Nov 2015 - May 2016: IoT Architect at OpenFog Consortium – contributed to OpenFog Consortium White Paper
Sep 2015: Paper presentation at ACM MobiCom 2015 on ‘‘The Design and Implementation of a Wireless Video Surveillance System’’


Paul Baran Marconi Young Scholar Award 2012: Businesswire Stanford EE
Stanford DARE Doctoral Fellowship 2010 Stanford DARE fellowship
Finalist in Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship 2010 QInf Finalists